Trust the technicians at Sub Zero Diesel Performance in Bismarck, ND

Diesel vehicles have their own challenges, and not every auto repair shop is equipped to handle them. That's why you should come to Sub Zero Diesel Performance. Our Bismarck, ND shop specializes in diesel truck repairs and maintenance. Whether you're interested in modifying your vehicle for better performance or fixing damage after an accident, we'll always be here to handle the process for you.

We sell and install diesel truck parts for your convenience. Call 701-339-0358 today for more information.

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Keeping your diesel vehicle in working condition is important to us. In addition to all of our diesel truck repair services, we also offer...

  • Performance modifications
  • Diesel truck part installations
  • Motor rebuilds
  • Custom machine work

If you have questions about any of our diesel services, reach out to our technicians today. We'll be happy to assist you.